SKU 0673A 
This is a carved wooden Victorian Era Bulldog inkwell. It has a hinged head that opens to reveal the brass inkwell inside.

This is a beautiful, original 19th century piece that was hand carved and has glass eyes, a real leather collar and a metal fittings on the collar.

It stands about 3" tall (4" with lid opened), 3" deep and 2" wide.
The piece is in amazing condition for its age and displays beautifully. There are a few spots of use wear and the leather collar does have some damage due to drying out over time. Both hinged work perfectly and show no damage.

There is a small piece of wood missing from his lower right jaw and from his lower left tooth. The damage in this area is from the fact that his mouth was used to hold the pen. There is also a tiny wood chip below his left ear. The bottom of the base has a hole as seen in the pictures and wear.

Antique Bulldog Inkwell