A very handsome George V Silver rectangular Vesta Case with a plaque depicting a Boxer Dog.
The case is hallmarked - see photos.
Maker's mark HGF Ltd., Birmingham, 1916

Vesta Cases
Vesta cases are small portable boxes made to contain matches and keep them dry. They take their name from the Roman goddess of fire and the hearth, although in the United States they are more prosaically know as match safes.
When they first came into use in the 1830s, friction matches were hazardous and could combust without warning, so vesta cases were something of a necessity.
But as their production became more sophisticated, they came to say much about the status, wealth and personality of their owner. Part of the essential 'dress code' of the late Victorian and Edwardian eras, they were made in a range of materials and in a bewildering number of forms, from the purely functional to the deluxe and the novel.
In short, with such a huge scope in terms of variety and price levels, these are perfect collectibles.

Antique Sterling Silver Vesta Case