Greyhound And Vines Victorian Centrepiece, Silver Plated Centrepiece, Greyhound Collectible

When I first bought this I spent hours cleaning it up but then never listed it. I'm afraid it's gone all tarnished again now and I don't have the time to clean it again ( be prepared to spend some time cleaning every leaf)

Also I tried v hard to find a glass centrepiece dish to fit. I bought 5 of these on one auction and bought masses of dishes and only 2 were successful. I am showing this one here with a sulphur coloured crystal dish. It doesn't really go but you get the idea. If you want the dish please ask.

Anyway it's a very lovely thing. Here are the measurements -

height 10.5"

diameter of base 7.5"

base of glass dish you will need to fit in the top -about 5"

diameter of top - 8"

length of greyhound - 5"

height of greyhound - 3.25"

Greyhound And Vines Victorian Centrepiece