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Late Victorian/Early Edwardian Dog Or Cat Collar designed as a fancy metal chain set with 2 metal bells - teardrop-shaped, and with a closure which has four holes for adjusting the size by about 1", the mechanism opening and closing with a screw mechanism which locks by twisting a rod through one of the holes.

There is a silver nameplate linked to the collar, 1 1/2" long which has been engraved - 'Zaza 14, rue Fontaine, Paris' (is this a collar for the same cat or dog as in my previous listing, moved to a different address??

The collar is stamped with a symbol I cannot make out.

White metal is an early form of steel.

Measures - approx 10.5" internal diameter, just under 3/8'" wide.

Condition - good.

Antique White Metal Dog Or Cat Collar With Bells And Padlock 'Zaza'

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