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Four very charming antique prints, printed and sold by Carington Bowles, No 69 in St Pauls Church Yard, London. Under glass. The four scenes depicted are: The Setting Dog and Partridges, Coursing the Hare, The Death of the Hare, Going Home with the Hare.

The prints are in fairly good condition, there is some browning of the paper in places but it is slight and has been exaggerated in the photos. When looking at the photos please bear in mind that these prints are under glass and despite my best ability with a photo box there is some reflection from my camera lens which has slightly discolored the center-ish area of the photos (I have tried to photoshop it out).

The frames are in antique 'shabby chic' condition with small pieces of gilding missing as can be seen in the photographs. The backs are boarded with a thin ply which has seen a lot of age (no room for photos here).

A fabulous gift for Hunting/Greyhound lovers.

Each picture measures - 15" x 11" (the frame being 7/8" wide).

Four Antique Prints Depicting Hunting Scenes by Carington Bowles

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